Monthly Archives: September 2019

    • Night Crawlers

      With pacies and bottles and blankies at feet, The challenging task is long since complete Of getting our daughter to stay in her bed, A process that’s much harder done than is said. But now that at least a half hour has past, We’re proud that our efforts are certain to last. The time-buffer’s gone, […]
      Written by Chip Collins
    • Unjoyment

      Don’t worry:  Google doesn’t recognize the word either… In fact, when you try to Google the word “unjoyment,” it’s an immediate battle between Google and your auto-correct to see which is faster at changing it to the word “enjoyment.”    I quite like that, and it seems that technology is one step ahead of psychology […]
      Written by Admin
    • Discover Sea Pines Country Club

      Sea Pines Plantation is many things to many people. It’s their annual vacation destination, favorite golf course or beach,  for many, their primary residence. The seeming endless amenities, restaurants, and…

      Written by Admin