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6 Ways to Give Back to the Community

If you’re thinking about implementing some new community service activities as part of your real estate business, we have a few ideas that we’ve tried and tested over the past 21 years.

  1. Purchase a moving truck – lend it out to clients, local non-profits, and for community events – free of charge
  2. Food Drive – Connect with a local neighborhood (or a few) that is willing to do a food drive. Act as the facilitator between a local food pantry and the neighborhood to coordinate a collection date, create a flyer, and distribute flyers with collections bags. On the day of the food drive, gather your team and collect donations that have been left at the curb throughout the neighborhood.
  3. Holiday Toy Drive – Same process as the food drive but connect with a non-profit that distributes toys to area families at Christmastime.
  4. Start a charitable fund (see No. 5)
  5. Pick a community service project – We pick one project a year where we can either contribute our time (volunteering/boots on the ground), talent (think marketing turbo booster for the non-profit, educate, social media), or treasure (fundraising)
  6. 200th Home Sale for Charity – pick any number of homes you want to sell in the calendar year; we just happened to pick 200. Decide on a charitable donation you’d like to donate when you close on that number of homes. Engage your past clients or the community to nominate local non-profits – work your social media! This year we changed our process to a grant application and gathered a group of our past clients to be on our selection committee. When we sell our 200th home, we’re awarding 3 cash donations totaling $10,000! We hope this is helpful as you start building new ways to give back to the community.

It’s truly rewarding and a great way for our team to connect outside of work.

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