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An Annual Tradition

It’s an annual tradition – every year we meet in a parking lot in Bluffton where Chip Collins hands each of us a crisp $100 bill with an hour to shop. Along with that comes a set of (loose) parameters on how that money is to be used – usually to purchase something to pass to our neighbor at our holiday luncheon, with the remainder to be spent on ourselves.

This year though, we all felt a pull to do more. To give to those in need or say thank you to individuals who went above and beyond during and after the hurricane. So that’s just what we did. In addition to a gift for our lunch neighbor and a little something for ourselves, we chose a person (or group of people) that we thought most deserving. And after our rapid fire hour of shopping, we met for lunch and each shared our stories of whom was to receive this gift and why.

I think I can speak for all when I say we left there a little more humble, with a spirit full of joy….and a gift to deliver!

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