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Before and After Matthew

by Ashley Smith

It isn’t often in life, with any amount of good fortune, that an entire community experiences an event so great it’s deemed a “disaster.” This type of thing has a way of leveling the playing field, causing perspectives to shift to what’s truly important and forging people together towards a common goal. When it does, it creates a unique, front seat view into what people are made of. The good in the world shines through the wreckage.

In just shy of two weeks, our community has experienced this and we will forever be changed – stronger, more humble, better prepared. Time is now referred to as “Before Matthew” and “After Matthew.”

welcome home sign“Welcome Home” sign by Byron Sewell
A random act of kindness put up minutes before the bridge was reopened to evacuees returning home

In the wake of this storm, it’s been a privilege to witness people reaching out to help those in need and volunteering their time, perhaps when they had their own mess to clean up at home. And now with life seemingly “back to normal” – businesses reopened and school back in session – the busyness of life has not distracted from restoring and rebuilding; from feeding and sheltering.

As purveyors of real estate, what’s even more encouraging is listing new property, resuming showing appointments and moving forward on closings. The outpouring of notes and messages we have received is unbelievable! People who have wanted to move down here for years, now want to get here that much sooner!

We have some work to do – but nothing we can’t handle together. #LowcountryStrong #WelcomeHome


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