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    • Thanksgiving Stuff-ing

      It’s that special time of year again. Time to take stock of your blessings, to express gratitude for the people in your life, and to give your stuff away…
      Written by Chip Collins
    • Sugar(free) Magnolia

      I’m not from the South, but I got here as quickly as I could.   And, the South has been really good to me. My list of blessings would take up a year’s worth of blog posts, so just suffice it to say I know that I’m one lucky man, and I’m grateful for all […]
      Written by Admin
    • Night Crawlers

      With pacies and bottles and blankies at feet, The challenging task is long since complete Of getting our daughter to stay in her bed, A process that’s much harder done than is said. But now that at least a half hour has past, We’re proud that our efforts are certain to last. The time-buffer’s gone, […]
      Written by Chip Collins
    • Empty Nesters

      The laundry’s caught up.  The fridge seems bare.  There’s an unusual hush around the house.   It all seems a little bit odd, disorienting, and exciting at the same time.  Yes, I said exciting…   It may seem callous (or even sacrilegious) in today’s society to suggest that excitement should fill some of the newly-vacated […]
      Written by Chip Collins
    • Introduction to A Musing Home Blog by Chip Collins

      I wanted to do more writing, on various topics, or musings if you will, as they come to mind. If we aren’t already acquainted, I am Chip Collins. I founded a boutique real estate company in 2002. We get Results for our clients, in a different way that is unique to any structure we’ve ever […]
      Written by Chip Collins

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