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Chip’s Daughters Start “Noteworthy” Business Venture


Among all the emails & texts, as well as bills & catalogs, that we each receive everyday, there is still nothing more eye-catching and heart-warming than receiving a hand-written note!   Isn’t it ALWAYS the first thing you open when you get your mail?

3 years ago, Chip’s daughters (Martha Preston and Sallie) started a venture by creating packs (of 10) of notecards, reflecting their original artwork inspired by the beautiful surroundings and wildlife of the Lowcountry.  Calling them Mallie Cards, they started selling the cards by word of mouth, and eventually having them sold in a variety of stores on the Island.

Then, school and ballet and life got in the way, and Mallie Cards went quiet for the last year or so.  BUT, thanks to a wonderful program at the girls’ Montessori school, Martha Preston has a full week to focus on any internship/business opportunity she chooses – and she’s committed to getting Mallie Cards humming again, focusing on marketing, production, sales, fulfillment, and all the other fascinating aspects of a product-based small business.

To see some images of the Mallie Cards, CLICK HERE .

The Mallie Cards are sold in packs of 10 cards (2 sets of 5 different cards) with 10 envelopes, and they are selling for $10 plus S/H.

If you or someone you know might have an interest in some fun, new, original Lowcountry art notecards, please email  She would be thrilled to hear from you!!

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