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Collins Group Realty Announces Promotions and New Staff Position

Collins Group Realty is committed to seeking ways to continuously improve the level of service provided to our real estate clients. As such, some exciting changes were announced among our exceptional staff.

“We are blessed with the very best team that’s ever been assembled in the history of real estate, and so I’m sure you’ll be excited to hear about some very cool things happening with a few of our leading ladies of CGR.”

Officially promoted as CGR’s Closings Manager, Karen Lesch has demonstrated an impressive ability to juggle and manage the myriad of tasks, dates, and details associated with the level of service CGR offers our real estate clients in order to bring them to a successful closing. Karen joined Collins Group Realty in April 2012 and has worked as our Closings Coordinator for over 3 years. With assistance of our personnel and systems, Karen continues to get high kudos from clients in-person and via our surveys for her thoroughness and guidance in the sometimes-nerve-wracking closing process.

Karen Lesch, Collins Group Realty Closings Manager
Karen Lesch, Closings Manager

As a means of expanding and enriching our marketing depth and reach, Ashley Smith has been promoted to Director of Marketing and Community Relations.  Tapping into the marketing skills of other key team members, Ashley is directing a vast array of marketing and outreach programs that aim to strengthen the brand throughout our marketplace and beyond. From increased client contact to enhanced collateral materials to added community involvement. Ashley has extensive experience in Real Estate Sales and Marketing. She has been with Collins Group Realty, managing the marketing department since March 2016.

Ashley Smith, Collins Group Realty Director of Marketing & Community Relations
Ashley Smith, Director of Marketing & Community Relations

Collins Group Realty has officially announced a brand new position within the company, “Client for Life” Coordinator. Gail Bonnet has transitioned into this new role seamlessly due to her extensive closings background, real estate expertise and commitment to customer service. In her role as “Client for Life” Coordinator, Gail will head up our exclusive “Client for Life” service program, focusing 100% on client needs well after closing.

Gail Bonnett, "Client for Life" Coordinator
Gail Bonnett, “Client for Life” Coordinator



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