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Collins Group Realty’s Community Results Project Announces Their 2022 Project

Lowcountry Trash Heroes

Collins Group Realty’s charitable fund, Community Results Project, has announced they will partner with Lowcountry Trash Heroes for their 2022 project.

Each year the real estate company’s charitable arm seeks to partner with an existing 501(c)(3) to drive programs, events, and fundraising, using Collins Group Realty’s platform of community service, to bolster community well-being, local non-profit organizations, and their efforts.

Collins Group Realty started the Community Results Project, a fund of Community Foundation of the Lowcountry, in 2021, partnering with The Deep Well Project’s Livable Housing Program, and helped to raise nearly $14,000 to fund some of the critically needed home repairs around the local area. In 2022, they are shifting their efforts and focus to helping preserve the beauty and well-being of our natural resources.

how to help

“Our focus will be on driving awareness throughout the community regarding volunteer opportunities, reducing plastic use and the need to properly dispose of, and recycle, our trash so it doesn’t end up in the waterways.”

Chip Collins, Collins Group Realty Community Results Project

The Lowcountry Trash Heroes is a modest non-profit organization run completely by a few local volunteers. The group focuses on litter cleanup for the rivers, marshes, beaches, ocean, and land. Litter collection projects vary and focus on areas most in need as noticed by members of the group. Opportunities to volunteer for cleanup events can be found on their Facebook page.

The next opportunity to volunteer is at the Broad Creek Clean-Up on March 13th.

If you would like to learn more about Lowcountry Trash Heroes, the Collins Group Realty Community Results Project, or to make a donation for supplies, please visit For more information, please contact Ashley Lindblad at (843) 368-2248 or

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