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Congratulations to our Graduates of 2017!

It’s the end of a school year – come and gone too fast! With summer knocking on the door, the CGR family has some graduates to celebrate! We’re so proud of our students – all amazing, unique and full of promise! So grads, we congratulate you on your many successes and look forward to your future ahead.

Jeb Lesch (left) is graduating from Hilton Head High and will be heading to College of Charleston in the Fall
Alexis Smythe is graduating from Hilton Head High a year early and will enjoy a “gap” year to travel before beginning her college career
Griffin Sanders (middle) with his older brothers, has graduated from 8th grade. He is the last son in the family to attend high school.
Mia Fotia is graduating 8th grade. She’ll be attending Hilton Head High School next year!
Taylor Smith is graduating 8th grade and heading to May River High School in the Fall
Aubrey Hogshead is graduating 8th grade from River Ridge Academy and will be attending May River High School next year
Josh Smith is graduating 5th grade at River Ridge Academy

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