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Convenience Center Decals Now Required for Dump

Dump Decals Now Required

As of January 1, 2021, decals will be required for all Beaufort County property owners in order to use County Convenience Centers.

The decal system is being introduced to prevent contractor and out-of-county abuse of waste collection locations. Increased enforcement presence will be promoted to deter illegal dumping.

One physical decal will be issued per Beaufort County property owner. In addition, an electronic copy will be issued for use on cell phones, allowing other members of the household entry if they are using a different vehicle.

Each household will be allowed 2 visits per week to a Convenience Center.

Beaufort County property owners can apply for a decal using the online form at Applications will also be available at all County convenience centers for Beaufort County residents to fill out.

In addition, note that the Convenience Center at 316 Castle Rock Road in Beaufort and the Pritchardville Convenience Center at 270 Gibbet Road in Bluffton are now permanently closed.

These changes come after months of evaluation, public comment, County Council input and resident feedback with the goal of keeping all Convenience Centers safe, environmentally compliant, and easily accessible, while saving County taxpayers money.

For questions, call the Beaufort County Solid Waste and Recycling Department at 843-255-2930.

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