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Cost-Effective Front Yard Renovations that Enhance Your Home

Many homeowners may take their front yards for granted. Often considered only as a point of entering the home, a front yard can have a big role however, particularly when considering selling your home. Of course you do not want to spend much money to improve the appearance but there are many ways to renovate your front yard inexpensively.

Clean Up

No matter how bad your front yard looks there is not a thing that you cannot do which will improve its appearance. You may despise the word “cleaning” but this is exactly the first task often needed. Pull out any weeds or dead plants. Tidy up paths and consider getting a hose caddy (these are inexpensive) if you have a hose lying on the lawn.

Hanging Flowers

Often you can find beautiful blooms dripping out of hanging planters at many garden or home improvement stores. These beauties can also draw attention up to the pretty planters and away from an area, which may need some additional work.


A walkway can be perked up by lining it up with some large rocks. Alternatively, if you simply have a bare spot or corner in which you do not know what to do with, a nice large rock can work here. They are available in a variety of colors, sizes and weights ranging from light to heavy. In addition, you can add a little mulch around them for an interesting yet tidy look. Depending on the size you choose, you can find these at retail department or home improvement stores starting at about $20.

Outdoor Entertaining Area

While this is the front yard you can still create a nice little space for outdoor entertaining. All you need is perhaps one or two benches or a small table with about two chairs. If you have some of these lying around in bad shape or rusted, you can bring them to life by simply painting them. This will give your front yard a feeling of the “good old days” when people sat outside in front of their house to enjoy simple things.


No matter how little you have in the front yard a large container or pot filled up with magnificent colored flowers can transfer it into one in which guests will feast their eyes on. They come in an array of colors also.

Emphasized Entry

A pretty entrance way to a home can make your guests feel more welcome and can be inexpensive if you consider an ornamental arbor (this either can serve as an entry point or can shade a place for sitting). These are multi-talented garden pieces that can give the area almost an easygoing atmosphere or as a reminder of times gone by. You can buy a prefabricated garden arbor for as low as $200, while more expensive choices cost about $1,000.

With a bit of work and adding a few simple and inexpensive pieces you can nicely and quickly increase the value and curb appeal of your front yard.

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