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Fall 2023 Sellers Guide

Selling guide fall 2023

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Inside this Issue

  • Should I Sell My House This Fall?
  • Today’s Housing Inventory Is a Sweet Spot for Sellers
  • Equity Is a Game Changer for Homeowners Looking To Sell
  • Home Prices Are Rebounding
  • Pricing Your House Right Still Matters Today
  • Your Needs Matter More Than Today’s Mortgage Rates
  • A Checklist for Selling Your House
  • How an Expert Can Change Everything When You Sell

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Here’s a sneak peek…

Should I Sell My House This Fall?

With everything happening in the housing market recently, you might have some questions about selling your house. Here are a few things you might be wondering, and the answers to help you make a confident decision.

1. Should I Wait To Sell My House?

The supply of homes for sale is still low, so we’re still in a seller’s market today (see graph below). Selling while inventory is this low means if you price your house right, it’s
likely to be in high demand. The graph below puts today’s inventory into perspective.


2. Are There Still Buyers Looking for Homes?

If you’re thinking of selling your house but are concerned people aren’t buying homes in today’s market, you should know that there are still many active, interested buyers
out there. According to Mike Simonsen, President at Altos Research:

“Demand has exceeded the available supply of homes . . .”

With more buyers than homes today, your house may be just what they’re looking for.

3. Will I Still Get a Good Price for My House?

Recent data shows home prices have bottomed out and are now on the rise again in much of the country. And while prices vary by market, experts project they’ll rise and
return to more normal levels of appreciation – around 4% per year – after 2023.

So, with the worst home price declines behind us and prices appreciating again today, you can still sell with confidence this season.

If you’re considering selling your house this fall, let’s talk so you have the expert advice and insights you need to make the best decision.

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