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Hurricane Matthew Update

There’s no easy way to report how the Lowcountry has been impacted by Hurricane Matthew.

The long and short of it is that damage is widespread and extensive.

There is an uncountable number of trees down in every area of the island, many causing damage to homes and businesses, including several reports of damaged homes just within our very own CGR team.  The tidal surge was significant, and caused localized flooding as well as significant damage to marina facilities and structures.  Additionally, the heavy volume of rain has caused many lagoons and low lying areas to flood – some places significantly.

Many roadways are impassable. There are concerns being expressed about the need for the bridges onto the Island to be properly inspected for integrity and safety before reopening.

At this point, it is entirely unclear just when the residents will be able to return to the area and the Island. We are awaiting word from the State and Local government agencies.

The following are some phone numbers and links that may be useful for giving you current information moving forward:

As to the specific condition of anyone’s property, we will of course do our very best to give you any insights once we are able, to be operational again.   So, let us know your questions and inquiries, and we’ll do what we can to address them over time.

Unfortunately, at times like these, there are some people who will try to take advantage of other’s hardship situations. If your property has experienced damage, we want to stress the importance of engaging in communication and hiring only well known contractors that have been referred to you, have a good, long standing relationship within the community and/or you have had prior experience with.

Thank you for your attention to this update, and we will supply further updates in the coming hours and days.


Chip Collins

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