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    Introduction to A Musing Home Blog by Chip Collins

    A Musing Home Blog by Chip Collins

    If we aren’t already acquainted, I am Chip Collins. I’ve been a Lowcountry resident since 1992, and I founded a local boutique real estate company back in 2002.

    My wife, Carrie, and I have two college-age daughters, Martha Preston and Sallie, recently rendering us as official empty-nesters, which was the inspiration for my first official post on this blog.

    With a Philosophy Major, an English Minor (Denison University ‘91), and 25+ years as a real estate entrepreneur, I have some perspective, reflection, and insight into the various facets of what we each uniquely yet similarly call “home.”

    I’ve recently had a growing interest in getting back into creative writing, so my goal herein is to touch on a variety of topics (or musings if you will) as they come to mind, which has served as the kick-start for creating this blog: A Musing Home.

    So, here’s hoping you find some entertainment from the blog now and again, and I thank you for your interest and time, as always!



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