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The Logic of Listing For Sale in the Winter

by Chip Collins

There’s a long-standing notion in U.S. real estate that the best time to put your house on the market is in the spring time.  While this may have some merit now and again, I’m here to suggest otherwise…

Here are the Top 5 reasons why putting your house on the market in the Lowcountry during the winter may be the best strategy for you in 2018:

1). While it is true we have fewer visitors during the winter time, the reality is that every day, week, month, and year we see a steady increase in the number of active buyers that are looking at real estate on the internet.  It’s arguable that over 90 percent of first “viewings” of any listing take place on the Internet instead of in-person… so, buyers do not need to be physically present in the market in order to respond to a new listing that may come on in January, February, or March… Let alone the balance of the year.

2). Inevitably, there is some level of preparation work that any property will need prior to coming on the market. This may be as simple as a landscape cleanup, or may include painting, flooring, and other helpful projects.  The wintertime can be an advantageous time to find a contractor who might otherwise not be as busy during the spring and summer seasons.

3). If a high percentage of potential sellers follow the spring time listing outage, then the result is a lot of competition coming on the market at the same time. Getting a jump ahead of that new listing inventory could be advantageous in capturing a buyer’s attention before they otherwise feel emboldened by a larger number of choices.

4). Putting your house on the market is a “forcing function” for getting your property in perfect showing condition.  Post-holiday clean-up may be the perfect time to let that cleaning drive flow into just a little additional work to have the property shine for photography and a successful launch of your home listing.  Why wait for the dreaded “spring cleaning”?!

5).  “Snowbirds” populate the Hilton Head and Bluffton area in the first three months of the year, building on a trend that we have seen growing year over year.  These qualified and seasoned fans of the Lowcountry make up a powerful audience of potential buyer-prospects as they give living in the Lowcountry an extended test drive during the winter.  This makes for a great opportunity to showcase your property as they begin to imagine the benefits and joys of full-time homeownership in our market area.

At Collins Group Realty, we are all about thoughtful and intelligent strategy when it comes to representing and working with our sellers.  January thru March is an excellent time and opportunity for us to meet with owners who are looking to make a sale in 2018…and we welcome the chance to begin those discussions in the early part of the year. You can learn more about our strategic approach to selling real estate here.

If we can be of assistance to you, give us a call or fill out the form below…it would be our honor to serve and meet your real estate needs!

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