Night Crawlers

    With pacies and bottles and blankies at feet,

    The challenging task is long since complete
    Of getting our daughter to stay in her bed,
    A process that’s much harder done than is said.
    But now that at least a half hour has past,
    We’re proud that our efforts are certain to last.
    The time-buffer’s gone, we’ve nothing to fear
    We mutually agree that the coast must be clear.
    So into her bedroom the two of us sneak
    One sweet sleeping baby – two parents’ proud peek.
    Then all of a sudden, a jerk and a shrill
    At which we instinctively both stand quite still.
    Does she see us? Just how could we know,
    Both of us blind amid the night-light’s dim glow?
    If so, it’s clear to her Mom and to me
    That the night grows much longer for all of us three.
    With us in mid-step, one more stir, one more peep…
    Our fear has come true – she’s no longer asleep.
    And once that she knows that we’re walking about,
    It’s for certain that she will break out in a shout.
    Quick, hit the deck! We both drop to the floor…
    Our cover is blown if we move an inch more!
    This mission’s been upgraded – now a true covert-op.
    We’re locked in position ‘til she comes to a stop.
    Peering (and giggling) through each other’s eyes
    We savor the moment and treasure soft sighs.
    The goal of our efforts is perfectly clear –
    To establish sweet silence as all that we hear.
    I in my night shirt and Mom in her gown
    Stay perfectly still ‘til she’s all settled down.
    And then like two cats – sly, stealthy and sleek –
    Off toward the door we cleverly creep.
    Shhh…not a sound…we’ve come much too far –
    No knocking or squeaking as the door’s pulled ajar.
    Then out to the hall with her door now shut tight
    We tip-toe away to ensure a good night.
    Survivors, creators, we do what it takes
    To protect and preserve our respites and breaks.
    While having a baby is simply the best,
    A close second is therefore a well-deserved rest.

    The End

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