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RBC Heritage – Hilton Head Island’s Biggest Event

by Chip Collins

“I went to a fight the other night, and a hockey game broke out!”

Rodney Dangerfield’s quippy recollection of a hockey game might not be too far afield from how some view the PGA’s famed Heritage of Golf tournament in Harbourtown.

Amid the focused effort and concentration by the players and their caddies alike – not to mention the host of volunteers and television crews – there are many who might state that they went to a 4-day-long party…and a golf tournament broke out.

Blooming azaleas, newly budding Oak trees, and impossibly-beautiful fairways serve merely as a sometimes-blurry backdrop for the fashion-and-feast event that consumes the greatest attention of many tournament-goers.  Colorful dresses and cocktails flow in and out of hospitality tents and houses, where the busiest of volunteers wearily wave their “Quiet” signs to hush the party-din for each passing player.

For some the day starts early – perhaps an opportunity to catch some golf before the noon-hour, but inevitably the “party” calls.  Beer:30 comes early, and often runs late…but why not?!   Everything about the tournament is inspiring: the skilled golf shots, the spectacular setting, the arrival of Spring…all wrapped up into a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of the Island’s biggest distraction, and celebrate everything that makes Hilton Head great!

Cheers to the Heritage, and many thanks to the sponsors, players, workers, and hundreds of volunteers that make it so delightful!

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