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    Category: A Musing Home

    • The Art of Hanging Art

      The Art of Hanging Art

      Regardless of our individual tastes in art, it seems a fairly universal practice to adorn our walls with our favorites pieces. The notion of displaying art in ones home certainly dates back to the days of cave-dwellers scratching and painting images o...
      Written by Chip Collins
    • Sugar(free) Magnolia

      Sugar(free) Magnolia

      I’m not from the South, but I got here as quickly as I could.   And, the South has been really good to me. My list of blessings would take up a year’s worth of blog posts, so just suffice it to say I know that I’m one lucky man, and I’m grateful for all […]
      Written by Admin
    • Night Crawlers

      Night Crawlers

      With pacies and bottles and blankies at feet, The challenging task is long since complete Of getting our daughter to stay in her bed, A process that’s much harder done than is said. But now that at least a half hour has past, We’re proud that our efforts are certain to last. The time-buffer’s gone, […]
      Written by Chip Collins