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    • Sugar(free) Magnolia

      I’m not from the South, but I got here as quickly as I could.   And, the South has been really good to me. My list of blessings would take up a year’s worth of blog posts, so just suffice it to say I know that I’m one lucky man, and I’m grateful for all […]
      Written by Admin
    • Empty Nesters

      The laundry’s caught up.  The fridge seems bare.  There’s an unusual hush around the house.   It all seems a little bit odd, disorienting, and exciting at the same time.  Yes, I said exciting…   It may seem callous (or even sacrilegious) in today’s society to suggest that excitement should fill some of the newly-vacated […]
      Written by Chip Collins
    • Introduction to A Musing Home Blog by Chip Collins

      I wanted to do more writing, on various topics, or musings if you will, as they come to mind. If we aren’t already acquainted, I am Chip Collins. I founded a boutique real estate company in 2002. We get Results for our clients, in a different way that is unique to any structure we’ve ever […]
      Written by Chip Collins

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