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Thanksgiving Stuff-ing

A Musing Home Blog Post, Thanksgiving Stuff-ing It’s that special time of year again. Time to take stock of your blessings, to express gratitude for the people in your life, and to give your stuff away… Yep, that’s right…we’re kicking off a new Thanks for Giving your Stuff Away holiday tradition! Stuff. Many of us have plenty of it, and often more than we need. Heck, in some cases, we have more stuff than we thought or remembered we have. The reality is that a quick trip to the far reaches of a closet, a drawer, the attic or the garage often results in a walk down memory lane as long-forgotten items sit in a state of perpetual inactivity. Sometimes you “find” just the right thing at just that right time, and that lucky item is lifted out of its hibernation to its rightful role of creating joy and beauty in your home. Other items, however, might not be so fortunate, and their sentence of repose is once again extended, this time perhaps even until your next move. Clothes, books, art, wedding gifts, and tchotchke are often in this mix, but so are tools, pantry food, supplies and other items that might have a more immediate and apparent value to others. One man’s storage is another man’s staple, so why not consider releasing your unused stuff to a higher purpose? There’s a great liberation in moving stuff forward…like a lifted burden. And, if it helps seal the deal, consider it a “pre-moving” process, since each item will need to be moved along at some point anyway. Imagine the simultaneous relief and joy you’ll experience as you turn your potential liability into someone else’s potential asset. Karma is bound to be on your side, and the Thanksgiving spirit will be stronger than ever! So, if the notion moves you, and you’re inclined to help kick off this new holiday tradition, reach out to your favorite thrift store or donation outlet today to find out more about how, where, and when they can help you achieve your plans to achieve your best dish of Thanksgiving Stuff-ing you’ve ever had! Enjoy!
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