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From Unjoyment to Enjoyment: Transform Your Home for Daily Happiness

By Chip Collins

In each of our homes, we undoubtedly have our favorite things. These may range from a comfortable go-to chair to a treasured piece of art to the latest-and-greatest appliance or television.  

Whatever it is, beyond its specific function, it does something else that transcends its primary purpose…it brings you JOY in your daily life at home!

In life there’s always a balance – a yin to the yang.  And so it is that alongside something that brings you great enjoyment, there may be something in your home that brings you some level of ‘unjoyment.’  

Unjoyment is having something that causes displeasure, and it’s often unintentional and indirect.   The subconscious tends to recognize this displeasure, but quickly dismisses it or files it away.   Yet, there it remains, day after day, and it might be time to face it so it doesn’t offset your otherwise full enjoyment of your home. 

Here are some examples of things that may cause unjoyment in your home:

  • A closet filled with clothes that you simply don’t wear anymore… but hold onto with the thought that someday those clothes will fit again or come back into style 
  • Exercise equipment that sits idle, reminding you that you should be using it, but you haven’t in years
  • An attic, closet, or filing cabinet with contents that you’ve long since forgotten, and you are anticipating the burden of having to open and clean out the contents 
  • A well-intended, yet ignored, project, reminding you that good intentions don’t always translate into accomplished results 
  • A room with a wall color that’s never thrilled you, but the hassle of changing it doesn’t seem worthwhile
  • Those antiques you’ve been holding on to for your adult children, only to realize that they don’t really want or need them 
  • The old tools, supplies, kitchenware, etc. that are no longer used, but feel too valuable to toss or give away

Maybe it’s time to turn your focus to these things in your home and have an honest conversation with yourself about whether they still provide you enjoyment… or whether they’ve turned into unjoyment for you. 

There’s a tremendous amount of satisfaction and freedom that comes from finding ways to overcome and remove these unjoyable aspects of your home, and the process is often easier than you may anticipate. 

Donate those unused items, hire someone to tackle that project, clean out that storage space once and for all, declutter that crowded room, and paint those walls a fresh color that you will enjoy every day!

If there’s energy flowing throughout your home, why not do your best to make it as positive as possible?  We all know life is too short, and it’s meant to be enjoyed…so take some time to focus on the place where you spend much of your time and make your home as enjoyable as possible!

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