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Winter 2022 Buyers Guide


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Inside this Issue

  • Reasons to Buy a Home this Winter
  • Expert Insights for Today’s Homebuyer
  • What Does the Future Hold for Home Prices?
  • Why You Shouldn’t Be Upset by 3% Mortgage Rates
  • The Non-Financial Benefits of Homeownership
  • Key Terms to Know When Buying a Home
  • The Importance of the Appraisal and Inspection
  • The Path to Homeownership
  • Is a 20% Down Payment Really Necessary?
  • Things to Avoid After Applying for a Mortgage
  • Is Offering Asking Price Enough?
  • 5 Tips for Making Your Best Offer

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5 Tips for Making Your Best Offer

1. Know Your Budget

Knowing your budget and what you can afford is critical to your success as a homebuyer. The best way to understand your numbers is to work with a lender so you can get pre-approved for a loan. As Freddie Mac puts it:

“This pre-approval allows you to look for a home with greater confidence and demonstrates to the seller that you are a serious buyer.”

Showing sellers you’re serious can give you a competitive edge. It enables you to act quickly when you’ve found your perfect home.

2. Be Ready to Move Fast

Speed and the pace of sales are contributing factors to today’s competitive housing market. According to the Existing Home Sales Report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR):

“Eighty-two percent of homes sold in October 2021 were on the market for less than a month.”

When homes are selling fast, staying on top of the market and moving quickly are key. A skilled agent will do everything possible to ensure you see the latest listings and help you submit your best offer as soon as you find the perfect place to call home.

3. Lean on a Real Estate Professional

No matter what the housing market looks like, rely on a trusted real estate advisor. As Freddie Mac says:

“The success of your homebuying journey largely depends on the company you keep. . . . be sure to select experienced, trusted professionals who will help you make informed decisions and avoid any pitfalls.”

Agents are experts with unique insight into what’s worked for other buyers in your area and what sellers may be looking for in an offer. It may seem simple, but catering to what a seller may need can help your offer stand out.

4. Make a Strong, but Fair Offer

According to the Realtors Confidence Index from NAR, 42% of offers today are above the list price. In such a competitive market, emotions and prices can run high. Having an agent to help you submit a strong, yet fair offer is critical in these situations. Your agent can help you understand the market value of the home and recent sales trends in the area.

5. Be a Flexible Negotiator

When putting together an offer, your trusted real estate advisor will help you consider which levers you can pull, including contract contingencies (conditions you set that the seller must meet for the purchase to be finalized). Of course, there are certain contingencies you don’t want to give up. Freddie Mac explains:

Resist the temptation to waive the inspection contingency, especially in a hot market or if the home is being sold ‘as-is’, which means the seller won’t pay for repairs. Without an inspection contingency, you could be stuck with a contract on a house you can’t afford to fix.”

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