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    Colleton River Plantation, SC

    Colleton River Plantation, SC

    Colleton River Plantation

    The small town of Bluffton, SC is one of the oldest towns in South Carolina with an unsurpassed rich history. Bluffton sits majestically on the mainland yet is only a bridge away from the popular tourist location called Hilton Head Island.

    Even though Bluffton offers a unique blend of nature’s beauty and history, it also offers enough modern amenities to keep locals and tourists busy day in and day out. If you have been longing to use a “time machine”, just enter and push the button designated as Colleton River Plantation – Bluffton, SC.

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     Golf and Real Estate In Colleton River Plantation, SC

    Most visitors will only require one view of the Colleton River Plantation area to discover the absolute perfect combination of real estate and golf that is offered; especially golf and the homes. In recent years,  the familiar Golf Digest Magazine touted the two-course private golf club community of Colleton River not only the finest in South Carolina and Hilton Head, but the best in the world.

    So if you are a “golf lover” and planning to live or retire, you will not find living any better than the Colleton River Plantation, South Carolina. Speaking of living, this area offers the best in “prime” custom homes real estate designed by the best architects. The location choices are “prime”. From the river front to creek front, marsh front, lake front, homes with spectacular views and even homes on the golf course greens and fairways.

    Colleton River Homes For Sale

    By this time with all this standing room only applause for the Colleton River Plantation community, you might get the impression that everything that has to do with this small community is only a place for the rich and famous; that’s not so, my friend.

    Many Colleton River homes are not as pricey as you think compared to larger cities, without the magnificent views and prestige you get from the Hilton Head Island area. Once you start your “homes for sale” search you will discover real estate prices broken down into several categories.

    • $300,000 to $400,000
    • $500,000 to $600,000

    And on up the “price ladder” to one million. When you hit the top rung of the ladder you will find the cream of the crop of the best that inspired architecture can provide:
    A four-bedroom, five-bath, 5,467 square-foot, residential home with a three-mile water view in most every direction, priced at $2,659,000.

    For sure Colleton River and Hilton Head Island have set high standards for residential home living, but so do you or you would not have an interest in the South Carolina area. It is a exciting time to buy, and South Carolina is an even better place to live.