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    Deerfield, SC

    Deerfield, SC

    Deerfield, SC

    Hilton Head Island is in South Carolina in Beaufort County. This is home to about 37, 000 people, according to the 2010 United States census. This beautiful island has a rich history and environment that makes it a very attractive place for people to visit and even settle. The island is five miles wide and 12 miles long, all totaling to 42 square miles of amazing beauty.

    Deerfield is located on the island and is a great place to call home. Apart from the permanent residents, there are thousands of tourists who visit the island every year. The real estate business is also thriving on the island, especially on Deerfield. There are quite a number of things that make Deerfield an amazing place.

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    Outdoor Activities

    Being on an island, it makes it a perfect home for water sports and activities. The 12-mile long Atlantic Ocean beach makes it possible for residents and visitors to enjoy a variety of water sports. Water skiing, kayaking, and even sailing are enjoyed on these waters.

    Fishing is also a popular activity on the island. However, the fishing is controlled by the authorities. The numerous rivers, creeks, and bays make the outdoors a fun place to enjoy with family and friends.

    Schools and Universities

    Those thinking of settling in Deerfield-Hilton Head have to consider the educational well-being of their families. There are over 30 county schools available for children and private high schools and universities in the area. Some of them include the Hilton Head Christian Academy, Beaufort County School, and the University of South Carolina-New River Campus.


    To ensure that the beauty and tranquil environment of Deerfield is maintained the neighborhood, developments are well planned. Gated communities are designed to promote the culture and general ambiance of the place. There are various regulations that all residents have to adhere to so as to maintain the evergreen state of the neighborhood.

    Professional Builders

    Those who intend to build their homes at Deerfield have professional help readily available to them. The Hilton Head area homebuilders association is made up of qualified builders who understand the regulations to be followed when building a home in this area. They are well placed to give you the necessary advice concerning building your home.

    There is a variety of amazing features on this island that make it an ideal place to invest in real estate. What’s more, since it is a great tourist destination, you no longer have to travel for vacations.