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September 2017 Hilton Head/Bluffton Market Report


Happy October!

I feel a little like a broken record as I talk about the weather in our monthly reports, but the weather is such a huge factor in what makes the Lowcountry so compelling…so I keep doing it.

Anyway, it felt a little like July last week with temps hitting close to 90 degrees, yet Tuesday morning we woke up to fall-like temps that we hope will carry through, if only for a few days.  But, these warmer days are pretty neat for visitors who are soaking up the heat and sun rays on the golf course, tennis courts and beach during the fall “sports season,” so no one is really complaining too much.

The weather was certainly a factor in September’s real estate market, however, as you’ll see in the summary statistics of this report.   The visit by Tropical Storm Irma caused a brief disruption in our marketplace, causing an 11% drop in new contracts as compared to 2016.  But, look for those stats to reverse for October as last year had a similar disruption from Hurricane Matthew.  All that said, though, it’s clear that the Lowcountry is blessed to be able to keep on rollin’ despite these couple of storms, and so we are certainly pleased and proud about that.

Here’s hoping you enjoy this edition of the Market Pulse, and we welcome your questions, comments, and requests for assistance as always.

Have a great balance of your October!



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