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Tasks of A CGR Buyers Agent

What We’re Prepared to Do For You!

Pre-Purchase Activities

  • Determine the client’s goals and desire for a real estate purchase
  • Schedule and conduct a purchase strategy session either in person or absentee
  • Connect the client with a Mortgage Broker, if financing, for pre-qualification
  • If paying cash, discuss how to prepare a proof of funds letter
  • Provide an ongoing market analysis throughout the entirety of the search process
  • Confirm showing appointments
  • Add client’s information to the CGR database and set up customized property alerts
  • If traveling to the area, provide resources for accommodations in the area during their stay
  • Present and review detailed Buyer Origination Packet
  • Review the SC Broker Relationship form for signature
  • Review the Buyer Agency Agreement form for signature
  • Provide education on how to use Authentisign – our electronic signature program
  • Provide information on the area, communities, fees, taxes, insurance, flood zones, etc.
  • If the client has a home to sell, strategize and counsel on the timeframe of the sale
  • If selling a home in another market area, help the client connect with a listing agent in our nationwide network of licensed real estate agents
  • Set up applicable community tours (multi-day stay-overs, golf club experience, etc.)
  • Identify properties that fit the client’s needs
  • Preview selected properties
  • Create a comparative market analysis of select areas
  • If the client is an investment buyer, connect with rental agencies to interview
  • Provide dedicated responsiveness to the client 7 days a week

Property Tour

  • Confirm properties to visit
  • Select, plan, and schedule a tour
  • Register with the new construction sales team, if applicable
  • Research and gather information about properties of interest
  • Set appointments for showings at each property
  • Provide MLS sheets for clients
  • Visit properties, tour the community, and provide supplemental information about the community
  • Provide resources such as maps, club membership information, and community guides
  • Engage with listing agents of properties visited, as needed
  • Research all comparable currently listed properties
  • Prepare “comparable market analysis” (CMA) to establish market value
  • Explain professional offer strategy based on the interpretation of current market conditions
  • Determine if flood insurance is assumable
  • Obtain and review Property Disclosure with the buyer client

Offer and Negotiations

  • Provide a review and explanation of the Contract of Sale terms
  • Present Professional Services Form for selection of attorney and inspectors
  • Provide education about the inspection process
  • Write and present the offer to the listing agent
  • Review Flood Disclosure Form
  • Negotiate the best price and terms for the client
  • Finalize and circulate all contract documents
  • Track and confirm the earnest money deposit (EMD)
  • Explain the Collins Group Realty (CGR) Closings Department
  • Transition the contract to the CGR Closings Department

Closings Department Activities

  • Send the contract to the attorney
  • Send the contract to the lender, if applicable
  • Schedule all inspections of the property
  • Review all inspection reports and prepare a spreadsheet with all inspection action items
  • Review all inspection action items with the clients
  • Review the CL-100 with the client
  • Draft a repair request list
  • Present the repair request list to the listing agent
  • Negotiate repairs with the listing agent and sellers
  • Arrange for the required addenda to the purchase contract
  • Coordinate all inspections, repairs, and addenda with attorneys
  • Send addenda to the lender, if applicable
  • Track all contingency dates and deadlines
  • Track the loan process
  • Provide resources to help prepare for the move and transition
  • Provide information and instructions regarding utility providers
  • Gather repair invoices to provide to the client
  • Schedule a follow-up inspection, if needed
  • Confirm the Closing date and time and notify all parties
  • Ensure all parties have all forms and information needed to close the sale in conjunction with the Closing Attorney
  • Where applicable, ensure the buyer has been in contact with the POA for gate codes, transfer of ownership paperwork, etc., in conjunction with the Closing Attorney
  • Review the settlement statement, verify for accuracy, and send it to the buyer’s agent and purchaser in conjunction with the Closing Attorney
  • Review logistics of the Closing, either in-person or remotely, including wiring of funds

Contract-To-Close Process

  • Track contingency dates and deadlines
  • Provide resources and community recommendations to assist with preparing for the move and transition
  • Schedule and conduct final walk-thru prior to Closing
  • Explain the Closing process, including when keys will be transferred
  • Review draft of Settlement Statement
  • Attend the Closing if in person
  • Deliver property keys to the purchaser

Follow Up After Closing

  • Answer all questions to ensure a smooth transition to the new home and community
  • Provide assistance with the resolution of any repair issues
  • Follow up on any activities required after Closing that may or may not involve money held in escrow

Unique CGR Services

  • Fully available and active Broker-in-Charge
  • Strategic Advisor
  • Listings Department (dedicated)
  • Success Manager
  • Client Concierge
  • Team Support Specialist
  • Interior Design Specialist on Staff, for hire
  • Closings Department
  • Vetted Service Providers
  • Vendor Toolbox
  • CGR Community Vehicles (complimentary moving trucks available to clients)
  • Professional Selection Services Form
  • Lowcountry Insider’s Guide
  • First Time Homebuyers Guide
  • Comprehensive Community Information
  • National Referral Network
  • Client for Life Program

Client for Life Program

  • Settlement Statement provided for tax purposes
  • Annual Pie Day
  • Special client events
  • Bi-Monthly E-newsletter
  • Ongoing market reports
  • Notary services
  • Continued E-alerts
  • Property Valuation Tool

Ongoing Duties of a Professional Buyer Specialist

  • Continuing education
  • Attend weekly sales/training meetings
  • Attend regional/national real estate conferences
  • Select involvement with the local realtor association and the MLS
  • Relationship building with cooperating agents
  • Foster local business-to-business relationships
  • Follow real estate trends and news
  • Preview and maintain knowledge of inventory on the market