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Welcome to the Collins Group Realty December 2011 Market Update

Last Updated January 26th, 2012

We are glad to present this year-end Collins Group Realty Market Pulse for your information.

There’s always something particularly interesting in looking at year-end data.  For me, when I looked at this 3-year stretch of data we are presenting I was struck at how we are seeing some patterns re-emerging for New Listings and Pending Sales.  Note the Springtime spikes in New Listings for ’09-’11 with a steady decline through the balance of each year.   Also, note the Spring and Summer spikes in Pending Sales, especially for ’10-’11.  These patterns seemingly were shattered when the market went into a correction, but now they seem to be picking up steam.

Speaking of picking up steam, I hope you won’t mind me taking a proud minute to share some exciting year-end statistics for the great work that my team at Collins Group Realty did in 2011:

  • 197 Closed Transactions – UP 33% from 2010 (Plus an additional 35 transactions currently under pending-contract)
  • $60,000,000 in Closed Sales Volume – 25% from 2010
  • 15% Increase in Market-Share!!!
  • Top-2 Buyer-Representative Team in our Market
  • Top-3 Producing Team in Our Market (out of 650 producing-agents)
  • Top-8 Producing Company in Our Market (out of 132 producing-companies)
  • 48% Increase in Web-Traffic Resulting in 400,000 visits to in 2011 alone.

As always, thanks for your support, business AND referrals!   Happy reading of this month’s CGR Market Pulse…


Chip Collins


Belfair Market Pulse
Belfair Real Estate Search

Berkeley Hall Market Pulse
Berkeley Hall Real Estate Search

Bluffton – Off Plantation Market Pulse
Bluffton – Off Plantation Real Estate Search

Colleton River Plantation Market Pulse
Colleton River Plantation Real Estate Search

Folly Field Market Pulse
Folly Field Real Estate Search

Forest Beach Market Pulse
Forest Beach Villas Market Pulse
Forest Beach Real Estate Search

Hampton Hall Market Pulse
Hampton Hall Real Estate Search

Hilton Head Island – Off Plantation Market Pulse
Hilton Head Island – Off Plantation Villas Market Pulse
Hilton Head Island – Off Plantation Real Estate Search

Hilton Head Plantation Market Pulse
Hilton Head Plantation Real Estate Search

Indigo Run Market Pulse
Indigo Run Real Estate Search

Long Cove Market Pulse
Long Cove Real Estate Search

Moss Creek Market Pulse
Moss Creek Real Estate Search

Oldfield Market Pulse
Oldfield Real Estate Search

Palmetto Bluff Market Pulse
Palmetto Bluff Real Estate Search

Palmetto Dunes Market Pulse
Palmetto Dunes Villas Market Pulse
Palmetto Dunes Real Estate Search

Palmetto Hall Plantation Market Pulse
Palmetto Hall Plantation Real Estate Search

Port Royal Plantation Market Pulse
Port Royal Plantation Real Estate Search

Rose Hill Plantation Market Pulse
Rose Hill Plantation Real Estate Search

Sea Pines Plantation Market Pulse
Sea Pines Plantation Villas Market Pulse
Sea Pines Plantation Real Estate Search

Shipyard Plantation Market Pulse
Shipyard Plantation Villas Market Pulse
Shipyard Plantation Real Estate Search

Spanish Wells Market Pulse
Spanish Wells Real Estate Search

Sun City Market Pulse
Sun City Real Estate Search

Wexford Plantation Market Pulse
Wexford Plantation Real Estate Search

Windmill Harbour Market Pulse
Windmill Harbour Real Estate Search


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