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Welcome to the Collins Group Realty March 2014 Market Update

April 1, 2014

Happy Spring – perhaps the happiest Spring anyone can remember in quite awhile!

This has been a brutal winter by all accounts, with many saying it’s the worst they can recall since when they were a kid…and we’ve all felt the impact of the “polar vortex” long enough.

When great real estate buyers can’t get out of their driveways or airports to get down to HHI, it affects our business, and so even nationwide, there has been a decline in home sales in the first quarter of this year. Pending sales in the greater-HHI area were down nearly 10% from this time last year, with closed sales down 18% in February as a result of December and January seeing less sales activity than expected.

That said, though, the phones and internet-lines are lighting up with loads of folks who are planning to get to HHI starting in April…and we are ready!

A recent article suggested that employment trends will be positive this year, while interest rates should remain stable/low…all while the demographics are moving in the right direction for a surge in home-purchases. If these come true, despite the sluggish start to the year, many are suggesting that 2014 will be a banner year overall in real estate.

We are feeling the surge begin to happen on HHI…and we are honored to have the opportunity to assist you being involved in that surge!

Have a great April ahead!

All our best-


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