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    Welcome to the Collins Group Realty May 2014 Market Update

    June 18, 2014

     Happy Summer!

    I know that is always my intro – happy this or that – but the reality is that things ARE happy in the Lowcountry!

    Hilton Head Island was just ranked one of the top-10 islands in the US, the market is gaining momentum, there are millions upon millions of dollars being invested in residential developments as well as commercial developments and resort make-over’s…all while so many people enjoy the relaxed yet robust lifestyle in this melting-pot location we get to call “home.”

    And on the topic of happy and “home”, I’m not sure I’ve ever included a link to our Testimonials page, but please – if you get just a quick second – peruse some of the kind words our clients have shared as we’ve helped make THEM happy in their real estate:

    I hope you enjoy seeing this month’s market pulse, and, as always, just let us know anytime when we can help in any way!

    All our best-


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