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Downsizing & Seller Workshops

What can I do now to prepare my home for sale?

I’m thinking about downsizing, but I don’t know where to start…

If this resonates with you, you’re in the right place to gain critical knowledge that will help you on your downsizing journey. 

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Join us for an interactive workshop where we will demystify the important topics of taking advantage of today’s seller’s market, downsizing your home and your accumulated “stuff,” and readying your home for sale.


  • How to safely list and sell your home with a robust digital marketing strategy
  • A plan of action for the downsizing process
  • The real estate market today and how to put your best foot forward for a successful sale at top dollar
  • How to get rid of your “stuff”
  • Key takeaways about valuable home repairs and updates
  • Understanding the home inspection process

“This was EXCELLENT!” Ample opportunity to ask all my questions.”

Whether you’re 1 month or 5 years from downsizing your residence, we can be a valuable resource to help you on your way. Start now by attending this Virtual Downsizing Workshop.

Make your life easy! Sign up to learn all you need to know about the Downsizing Process.

Chip Collins Broker / Owner of Collins Group Realty

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Chip Collins | Broker-in-Charge / Listing Specialist

As the owner, broker-in-charge, and Hilton Head Island Listing Specialist of Collins Group Realty, Chip maintains a commitment to excellence throughout the group and ensures the best experience we can offer our valued real estate clients. Chip founded Collins Group Realty in 2002 with the mission to deliver superior real estate services with unparalleled professionalism, responsiveness, and resources, resulting in rewarding, client-for-life relationships. CGR is a smaller, tight-knit group with BIG Results for our clients.